Gimmal Workplace for SAP

SAP is a powerful, data and process driven application with premium per user costs and a steep learning curve. SharePoint and Office 365, on the other hand, are low-cost solutions with the widest adoption of any ECM platform, providing a rich user experience with a familiar Microsoft Office look and feel.

Gimmal Workplace for SAP puts critical business information where people work, allowing users inside and outside of SAP to collaborate on document-centric processes. It transforms SharePoint and SAP into a unified enterprise information platform while saving you time and money.

Key Features

An SAP-certified HTTP Content Server in SharePoint: Store and manage unstructured SAP content in SharePoint.

Integrate with SAP workflow automation platforms: When paired with partner technologies, Workplace for SAP also provides out-of-the-box support for SAP workflows related to specific business scenarios.

Bidirectional synchronization and interoperability: Changes made in SharePoint are reflected in SAP, and vice versa. Reduce the need for manual processes and extend support for workflow- or barcode-driven archiving.

The “gold standard” in compliance: Pair with Gimmal Workplace Compliance to implement the only DoD- and SAP-certified SAP records management system for SharePoint.

Main Benefits

  • Improves collaboration and productivity by integrating SAP content, data, and process with SharePoint and Office 365: Managing documents using SharePoint or Office 365 as your SAP enterprise content management (ECM) platform improves information governance, compliance, and SAP performance.
  • Increases speed to value. IT can deliver process optimization projects more quickly with access to SAP content, data, and processes. Leverage the Office 365 cloud to avoid delays and cost associated with in-house provisioning. Deliver integration more easily through a supported product configuration instead of through custom development.
  • Reduces total cost of SAP ownership. Store documents on cost-effective Microsoft and Office 365 platforms instead of expensive Oracle or HANA databases to accelerate your return on investment in SAP.