Websays - Social Intelligence Platform


For the first time in history, the entire world is expressing opinions freely via their favourite channels. It’s no longer necessary to do surveys or focus groups, which give biased information on a limited no. of people’s opinions. With the right technology it is possible to listen to millions of opinions via people’s natural channels, to access it, store it and digest it for your use.

This is what Websays does.

Websays allows to:

  • Understand a group on the Internet
  • See what people think/feel about those groups
  • Convert thoughts into metrics, into numbers
  • Track sentiment and rage
  • Identify influencers by language/topic
  • Analyse location based intelligence
  • Measure groups actions and prevent impact
  • Control a dangerous situation in real time
  • Analyse groups, authors and the conversation

All this with easy-to-use, real time dashboard & report generator.


For further information: https://www.websays.com